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Poster: liverfenix Date: Jun 24, 2005 9:36am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: GD: China > Rider

i'm not one to dissect shows for particular songs, but..heres a few that stick out for me .
Dick's picks#32-may be the best china>rider-alpine valley '82
also 9-14-82-charlottesville, va-whole show smokes.
8-10-82-Iowa City too.
12-28-84- SF civic-smokin' china>rider, great he's gone>spoonful, and the first day tripper.
7-17-82-ventura-open 2nd set w/ playin>china>rider>estimated>jam-spooky!

4-30-89-frost-ENCORE: china cat>rider, one more sat. night my buddy headed for the car expecting a brokedown palace, but to those of us who hung around-pretty F'n cool

6-15-85-greek -great crescendo at 'colorado rain'-i was right near the stage for this one...someone was blowing bubbles full of smoke, bursting on brent's keyboard. someone else tossed up what seemed like a bushel of rose petals-unforgettable moment!
7-14-85-ventura-great china/rider-ventura was a personal favorite venue
4-19-87-irvine-a great easter sunday china/rider-the archive needs a better-sounding version of this show
10-18-89-spectrum-china cat/rider was memorable.